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Latinas in the Legal Profession Series

The Latinas in the Legal Profession Series shares and preserves our history by documenting the career trajectories of Latina Lawyers, from the very first Latinas who integrated our law school to those who are just entering our profession. The series aims to increase the visibility of Latina role models and to inspire each of us to proudly create our own unique identity in the legal profession.  Our presenters speak not only about their professional careers but also their stories of their life’s journeys, and the impact they have had on others. Every life story shared during the series was a testament to the fact that none of us travels our life paths alone, and that the support and mentorship of others is crucial to fulfilling our greatest promise.
All presentations have been digitally recorded and are available to LLBA members through this link.

Prior Events

January 2017: Araceli Campos and Cindy Pánuco
Civil Rights and Public Interest Law

September 2016:  Cristina Carvalho
Beating the Odds
April 2016:  Hon. Ruth Bermudez Montenegro, Nadia Bermudez, and Eran Bermudez
The Bermudez Sisters

January 2016:  Maria Elena Durazo
Labor Movement

September 2015: Hon. Yvonne Sanchez, Ana Caballero, Ana Lopez, and Sylvia Lopez
Student Protest in the 70s

April 2015:  Glenda Martinez and Rita Morales Patton
Latinas Take Hollywood

January 2015:  Evangeline Ordaz and Ivette Peña
The Road to Fulfillment is often a Meandering One.

September 2014:  Hon. Teresa Sanchez-Gordon and Sandra Muñoz

April 2014:  Hon. Frances Muñoz (Ret.) and Laura Genao

January 2014:  Silvia R. Argueta and Andrea Sheridan Ordin

September 2013:  Antonia Hernandez and Hon. Georgina Torres Rizk
Waging the War Against Forced Sterilization of Latinas in the 70s

April 2013:  Irma Rodriguez Moisa and Rachel F. Moran

January 2013:  Hon. Patricia Nieto and Carla D. Barboza


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